Nutritional Information Disclaimer

Where are these values coming from

Nutritional values are calculated by Bootstrap Ventures through WP Recipe Maker WordPress plugin. Through a 3rd party API, Spoonacular API, nutritional information is calculated based on known ingredients within their database and the estimated service size or portion that has been entered in and/or adjusted.

The values and infomation displayed in our recipes are the result of measured ingredients per recipe should be taken as an estimated. Varying factors such as brand, substitution, and/or concentration will alter the displayed nutritional information in a way that we cannot predict. 

I am not a certified dietician or nutritionalist and make no claims to the correctness of the nutritional information. The information on this website is purely informative and not absolute.

Under any circumstances is, author or owner be responsible for any loss, damage or harm that is a direct or indirect result from using any information, recipe, or any other form of content from this website.