Featured Recipe

Garlic Fried Rice with Thai Basil

What happens when you fuse two staples from two different Asian cuisines? Perfection!

Featured Weekly Meal Plan

A Meal Plan to Crush your week

These themed weekly meals are tailored for the busy parent, professional, or anyone who doesn’t want to spend hours wondering what is good, healthy or quick to make and eat.


Custom Recipe Development

Need help creating your next dish? We can help! After years abroad, traveling from country to country and studying cuisines and flavor profiles, we can help perfect your next dish or even help design your next menu.

Personalized Meal Planning

Having a hard time planning meals in your busy life? Let us help you feed your busy life. We will work with you to find the balance you need to keep you going throughout the day.

Personal Chef & Catering

Life happens and sometimes you need a day to be spoiled or even a special occasion. Everybody needs it once in a while and we can help.

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